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Community Outreach Division

SoCal Regeneration Inc (S.R.I.) was created in 2016 specifically to provide low income dental hygiene preventative health services to all San Diego families, homeless, and skilled nursing facilities. Our goal is to provide the best dental experience and dental services for each of our clients. In a short period of time S.R.I. has become one of the leading providers of on-site services and reliable access to dental services while ensuring exceptional care is delivered at a 

convenient location for the patient. 

We have several teams that rotate throughout San Diego County performing dental screenings for head starts throughout the county. We have partnered with several agencies and have created tremendous partnerships with Neighborhood House Association, All Kids Academy, Community Action Program San Luis Obisbo, and Easter Seals of Southern California. We have also partnered with the state of California and have ensured our focus is to perform as many dental screenings for 6-year-old and under children in hopes to collect data that is necessary for future funding. Our teams focus on visiting head start sites throughout the week to conduct dental screenings (performed by one of our dentist onsite) and application of fluoride (applied onsite at the location) to every child who's parent provides us with a consent agreeing that we are approved to clinically screen and apply fluoride to their child. We also provide a 5-6-minute class prior to screening the children, the class covers proper nutrition and good eating habits for every child, as well as screening preparation for each child. Finally, the training speaks to how often each child should be brushing their teeth and flossing their teeth. The younger children are no problem for our teams as we simply use visual aids (stuff animals and pictures) to guarantee understanding for the child.  

With our portable dental operatory units S.R.I. offers on-site dental services to multiple head start agencies and to trade school locations (San Diego Job Corps Facility) and multiple homeless shelter locations. All dental care services are provided on-site within the premises of your secure environment. Our experienced, licensed professional staff use modern, up-to-date, portable dental equipment that includes everything you would find in a typical dentist office. S.R.I. also manages permanent on-site dental clinics overseeing all clinic staff, dental equipment and supplies necessary to deliver comprehensive dental care.

Our goal is to transition our outreach division to the residents of nursing homes, physician offices, adult and youth behavioral health and addiction treatment centers, community health centers and hospitals caring for underserved at-need patients.

Our professionals address the patients’ dental needs from general dentistry to emergent care needs by bringing the care conveniently to the designated facility or center. S.R.I. is dedicated to helping treat the whole patient through continuous, comprehensive, innovative and coordinated care. We proudly serve the dental needs of thousands of patients in the San Diego County under our Community Outreach Division.

Portable Dental Division

Through our portable dental units, S.R.I. can offer quality dental healthcare services via Tele-Dentistry to head start agencies, government trade school locations (San Diego Job Corps Facility) and multiple homeless shelter locations. We have experienced, licensed professionals that are trained to use the most modern, up-to-date portable dental equipment, everything you would find in a typical dentist office. These services are provided at the location of the facility and we can address the immediate and long-term dental needs for patients of all ages.

S.R.I. can provide these services to a vast amount of facilities: health clinics, community health centers, hospitals, physician offices, addiction and treatment centers, long-term care facilities, military installations, correctional facilities, county jails and detention centers.

Government/Military Services

After 24 years of faithful Naval service as a Hospital Corpsman Chief Petty Officer and providing healthcare services to tens of thousands of active duty Sailors, Marines, and their family members, my personal goal was to continue to provide these services after I retired from the Navy. Over the last several years I have dedicated my growth in this business to become one of the leading medical and dental healthcare providers of on-site services for government agencies. As a disabled veteran, I understand what it takes to provide great customer service and professional healthcare for our serviceman and women across the United States. S.R.I. can and will employ professionals that offer a broad range of services to include nursing, dental, pharmacy, physical therapy, nutrition, optometry, audiology, podiatry, psychology and psychiatry to active duty military and their families. My goal is to provide medical and dental professionals that are grounded in an understanding of ethics and core values very similar to those of the military service.

We are partnered with a several dentists who are licensed in the state of California and provided consultant services for my firm to dental professionals. In April of 2018 I became nationally registered and licensed as a dental hygienist and can speak to all auxiliary staffing requirements which gives us the ability to provide recommendations to other partnering dental practices. 

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